GLOBAL Technologies choses Eutelsat for West Africa Power Pool project

GLOBAL Technologies choses Eutelsat for West Africa Power Pool project

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Eutelsat Communications has entered into a multi-year contract with GLOBAL Technologies for C-band capacity on its EUTELSAT 10A satellite to provide connectivity and communications for the West Africa Power Pool project (WAPP).

“After a successful partnership in Mauritania three years ago, we are delighted to be working alongside GLOBAL Technologies once again with assisting WAPP in achieving its ambitious shared energy project in the West African region over the coming months," said Philippe Oliva, chief commercial officer, Eutelsat.

“To support WAPP in its vision to promote and develop power generation and transmission infrastructures across West Africa, we have teamed up with Eutelsat to leverage the prime capacity available on its EUTELSAT 10A satellite,” added Jean-Paul Steinitz, CEO of GLOBAL Technologies, “Thanks to Eutelsat’s reliable and cost effective satellite coverage of the region, GLOBAL Technologies will contribute to offer a better and cheaper access to power for millions of people by delivering telecom infrastructure to connect the WAPP countries.”

Founded in 1999 by (Economic Community of West Africa States) ECOWAS, the WAPP project aims to interconnect the power grids of 14 West African countries. GLOBAL Technologies oversees the telecoms part of the project and through this partnership with Eutelsat will leverage its EUTELSAT 10A satellite’s dedicated coverage of West Africa to monitor the main power distribution sites across the region.

At the start of the month, Eutelsat confirmed several changes to its executive committee and has invested in CDN supplier Broadpeak. The changes come as part of a generational renewal of its management body, and include a new chief commercial officer, a head of the deployment department, director of development, and the deputy chief executive officer remains in their position.