Djibouti Telecom peers its IP traffic through France-IX’s IXPs

Djibouti Telecom peers its IP traffic through France-IX’s IXPs

France-IX confirms that Djibouti Telecom has signed an agreement to peer its IP traffic through the leading French internet exchange’s Paris and Marseille IXPs.

Through a direct traffic exchange with other networks and on-demand content providers via a 10Gbps port at each IXP, Djibouti Telecom, the government-run telecommunications incumbent in the Djibouti Republic, reduces latency on its IP network and increases performance for its customers. As a result, Djibouti Telecom customers will receive stable access to a large amount of French-language content and improved quality of service.

Speaking on the deal, Mohamed Assoweh Bouh, CEO at Djibouti Telecom, said: “In recent years, Djibouti Telecom has been able to actively benefit from its advantageous geographic location, the stability of the country and its modern infrastructure. Marseille, where Djibouti Telecom benefits from the landing of recent subsea cables Asia-Africa-Europe 1 (AAE-1) and South East Asia-Middle East-Western Europe 5 (SEA-ME-WE 5), in addition to its existing capacity on Europe-India-Gateway (EIG) and Seacom, is a natural destination for us and we are delighted to be also peering in Paris, with all the advantages that it will bring in terms of access to content and IP transit. This agreement will not only benefit our final customers but also a number of African service providers, network providers and carriers based in Ethiopia, Somalia, Yemen, Madagascar, Mauritius and Seychelles that use Djibouti Telecom as a hub.”

The France-IX internet exchange platform interconnects several hundred telecommunications operators, service providers and content delivery networks. Peering improves the accessibility and latency of internet traffic exchanged between those members, in addition, it allows members to exchange value added services.

For some destinations, the connection to France-IX can significantly shorten data travel distance and improve response times, providing an alternative route for Djibouti Telecom's IP transit services customers, allowing them to optimise their traffic. 

For the existing France-IX peering community, particularly the IaaS, PaaS and cloud services providers, this new connection gives them access to additional customers and allows them to offer their services. 

“This agreement is a major step for Djibouti Telecom, which is well positioned to support East-Africa’s digital transformation. France-IX has a growing African membership in both Paris and Marseille and Djibouti Telecom has become the first member with its head-quarters in the African continent to connect in both cities at the same time,” said Simon Muyal, chief technical officer at France-IX.

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