Telekom Austria Group paves the way to a worldwide connection with a comprehensive solution portfolio

Telekom Austria Group paves the way to a worldwide connection with a comprehensive solution portfolio

As digitalisation is affecting nearly every corner of our lives, the need for suitable technology is getting more and more important.

Having one provider for each requirement, such as voice, mobile or fixed internet and many more, makes it hard to be in control. The Telekom Austria Group’ is constantly improving its network infrastructure to provide a portfolio that covers a wide variety of innovative solutions including data, voice, mobile, roaming and satellite solutions. 

Telekom Austria works together with its customers to offer individual complete solutions consisting of several product groups, reaching from local MPLS/VPLS connectivity, covering certain quality of service requirements, optimised routing criteria and local professional services, supplemented by high quality DWDM routes used for interconnection of high usage PoPs.

As an international carrier with its own TDM & IP – based infrastructure and years of experience in operations, Telekom Austria Group offers an excellent platform for high quality in international and national voice traffic and service numbers.

Numerous specialists provide voice quality monitoring and international routing. Telekom Austria Group is also providing global coverage with Signaling and IPX Services. With direct interconnections with all main SCCP Providers, more than 900 mobile operators can be reached.

With over 40 years of experience in providing non-terrestrial communication, Telekom Austria Group is regarded as one of Europe’s leading satellite service providers and can provide inexpensive and reliable worldwide communications via satellite. 

For a holistic solution Telekom Austria Group combines technology, local know-how and support within a large footprint and is therefore a leading provider of telecommunications services in CEE. Telekom Austria Group Wholesale is responsible for all Wholesale roaming activities including the group’s roaming strategy, planning & establishment and commercial agreements as well as wholesale-related topics such as LTE and Regulation.

Backbone modernisation & 100G readiness

The Telekom Austria Group was one of the first providers to use América Móvil’s new Latin American Voice Hub in Miami which processes the entire voice traffic of the company. 

The fibre backbone was constantly improved to ensure maximum performance and reliability. In addition, the new state of the art equipment and redundant fibre routes significantly increase overall availability. Telekom Austria Group can now announce that nearly all PoPs are 100G ready now.

With the modernised backbone, Telekom Austria Group can boost 100G from Frankfurt to the Turkish border over 3 different routes, going through Prague, Budapest and Bucharest on the northern route, through Munich, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Belgrade and Sofia on the southern route and through Vienna, Bratislava, Timisiora and Sofia on the middle route.

Telekom Austria Group has increased its coverage within the footprint by merging with Metronet and expanded it by setting up new PoPs in Tirana, Istanbul and London. Known as the gateway between Europe and Asia, Istanbul is of particular strategic importance for our future business, connecting a large number of global carriers.

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