DTAC plans $570m 4G network upgrade in Thailand
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DTAC plans $570m 4G network upgrade in Thailand

Thailand mobile operator DTAC is planning to spend up to $570 million this year expanding its 4G network as demand for mobile data expands.

DTAC, owned by Norwegian operator Telenor, said it plans to become a core digital service provider delivering integrated digital infrastructure and services to the country’s population.

“We plan to spend between 17-20 billion baht [$485-$571 million] this year for network expansion, especially for 4G network capacity to accommodate the continued surge in mobile data demand,” said CEO Lars Norling.

At the same time DTAC plans to use the upgrade to 4G to reduce the need for speed and data limitations on customers – a move likely to increase customers’ consumption of music, movies, TV and other content on their mobile services.

“Facets of media and telecom services have resulted in anxieties, worries, and fears in complexity and limitations in products and services that prevent customers from fully enjoying the benefits of the new technology and services,” said Norling. “DTAC wants to think and do telecom differently, freeing up customers from those complexity and complications, and bringing about the new experience that is simple and worry-free.”

The company will be lifting its so-called fair-usage policy that impose restrictions on data, said chief marketing officer Sitthichoke Nopchinabutr. “We flip from reduced connection speed after [fair-usage policy] to no speed reduction… We flip from limited data quota to unlimited data,” said Sitthichoke.

However the Bangkok Post pointed out that DTAC opted out of Thailand’s auctions for 4G spectrum and that its 2G licence expires next year. DTAC said it planned to transform operations and working culture to overcome these challenges.

“DTAC will present innovative products and services that customers find relevant, easy to understand, straightforward, and worry-free, including the network that provides easy access to digital experience wherever they are, service plans that serve customers’ needs and enable worry-free experience, digital services that connect, entertain, and benefit the digital lifestyles,” said Norling.

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