IOH launches AI tools for Indonesia's upstream oil and gas industry

IOH launches AI tools for Indonesia's upstream oil and gas industry

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Indosat Ooredoo Hutchinson’s business division has launched a new suite of AI tools targeted at supporting the sustainable growth of the upstream oil and gas industry in Indonesia.

IOH will provide the new cloud-based solutions through Indosat Business and its subsidiary Lintasarta.

Muhammad Buldansyah, IOH’s director and chief business officer said the tools were designed to help the oil & gas sector become cleaner, more efficient, and more competitive.

The solutions offered include a tool to use high-resolution seismic wave measurements for exploration, which can increase production by up to 10%.

IOH will also connect workers through AI, monitor safety compliance and emergency response levels and supply tools for predictive maintenance.

From an administration standpoint, it is offering an AI-based legal contract analysis tool that reviews complex legal contracts with high financial risk and extensive regulatory considerations.

IOH says this reduces external legal advisor costs by up to 50% and reduces contract review time by up to 90%.

Indosat Intelligent Surveillance will address the high accident rates in the oil and gas sector, reducing the potential for fatal injuries by 95% and fires and explosions by 90%. Comapred to manual monitoring, the AI tool is said to be 70% more cost-efficent.

To support these tools, Lintasarta Cloudeka Deka GPU Infra will provides GPU-ready, high-density data centre solutions and GPU Cloud Infrastructure in Indonesia.

The upstream oil and gas industry is a critical component of Indonesia's economy, contributing significantly to the nation's GDP and energy needs.

“The utilisation of technological innovation is crucial to remain at the forefront of the dynamic oil and gas sector,” Buldansyah said.

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