TOT receives 31 tenders for National Broadband Network

TOT receives 31 tenders for National Broadband Network

TOT has received tenders from 31 companies over plans to launch a national broadband network across Thailand, according to reports.

The bids were for price proposals to supply fibre broadband equipment for the rollout of the network, which will see broadband installed in more than 40,000 villages across the country.

TOT will be responsible for installation in 24,700 remote areas, costing 15 billion baht ($428 million), with the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission due to handle the rest.

According to the Bangkok Post, the average cost of the submitted bids came in at 20% less than the 2 billion baht ($57 million) reserve price set by TOT. It is due to announce the qualified bids on 23 February, according to TOT president  Monchai Noosong.

According to the reports, bidders included Forth Corporation, which bid 1.65 billion baht (47 million) to supply fibre cable, which will make up half of the infrastructure TOT plans to rollout. Advanced Information Technology bid 685 million baht for supplying optical line terminals, and 169 million baht (4.7 million) for switching systems, bother the lowest bids in their areas.

Another bidder was SVOA, who entered the tender for wireless access points with a 240 million baht ($68 million) bid, according to the reports.

"We will consider the qualifications of each tender in the areas of technical proposal, before deciding who will be the bid winners," Monchai told the Bangkok Times.