Caricel to continue trading despite court ruling

Caricel to continue trading despite court ruling

Caribbean operator Caricel has pledged to continue offering services, despite an on-going legal battle in the Jamaican courts.

The operator, part of Symbiote Investments Limited, had applied for an injunction to block the government from revoking its spectrum license over fears of Chinese “influence” on the company.

On 24 January, the Supreme Court ruled against Symbiote, refusing the operator’s application for an injunction and allowing the government to carry out investigations into its services.

The court ruling means Caricel faces losing the license it was granted in May 2016 that allowed it to deploy 4G services across the Caribbean island. Caricel has invested around $50 million on deployment so far, with a further $50 million earmarked for expansion over the next three years.

Caricel told the Jamaica Observer the company will continue to offer LTE services in the country, despite the court’s decision.

Symbiote company secretary Minett Lawrence told the Observer: “We wish to reassure our customers that Caricel has a valid domestic carrier and service provider licence to provide local, fixed and international services, and our spectrum licence remains intact. 

“We continue to offer top of the line service to our customers, and we look forward to a speedy resolution of all outstanding issues in a manner that will benefit Jamaicans and the telecoms market.”

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