Telia Carrier expands IP backbone to Warsaw

Telia Carrier expands IP backbone to Warsaw

Telia Carrier has announced an extension to the reach of its global IP backbone , completing the DWDM route that runs between Frankfurt and Warsaw.

The completed Frankfurt-Warsaw Express includes touchpoints in Prague and Nuremberg, addressing both the growing Czech and Polish markets, and also dealing with traffic coming in to Warsaw from Russia and China.

The route also links up with Telia’s existing infrastructure, which includes routes from Frankfurt to Vienna and Budapest, offering low latency options from Germany.

It is the latest expansion for Telia Carrier’s global fibre backbone, called AS1299. It was recently connected to Zagreb, giving additional capacity in the Balkans and CEE, and is ranked amongst the top two IP backbones globally, according to Dyn Research.

“Frankfurt to Warsaw is one of the largest telecom routes in Europe, this expansion enables Telia Carrier to serve customers in the region with diverse connections and low latency,” said Johan Godal, global product manager, wavelength and network outsourcing services at Telia Carrier. 

“By adding more routes eastward, Telia Carrier continues to be at the forefront of providing global connectivity services on a resilient backbone.” 

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