TE SubCom starts production of Hawaiki transpacific cable system

TE SubCom starts production of Hawaiki transpacific cable system

TE SubCom has started making the cable for Hawaiki, the 14,000km transpacific system that is scheduled for completion in mid-2018.

The company has already made more than 1,000km of lightweight cable at its factory in Newington, New Hampshire, and manufacturing of the repeaters for Hawaiki is under way, said TE SubCom.

“We’ve seen tremendous progress with Hawaiki in the past several months, with each step bringing us closer to a completed, working system,” said Remi Galasso, CEO of Hawaiki. “We remain on time and on budget, and trust that in conjunction with TE SubCom, Hawaiki will be fully lit by mid-2018, bringing competition and diversity to the market, and vital connectivity to the region.”

Hawaiki is due to connect the US with Australia and New Zealand, as a carrier-neutral system, designed to become the highest cross-sectional capacity link between the countries.

It will run from Pacific City, Oregon via Kapolei, Hawaii, to Mangawhai Heads, New Zealand and Sydney, Australia, including a branch to American Samoa. Hawaiki has added three additional branching units to enable the future connection of New Caledonia, Fiji and Tonga.

“The manufacturing stage of Hawaiki is moving forward precisely as planned and overall progress is only going to gain momentum from here,” said Aaron Stucki, president of TE SubCom. “With manufacturing of cable and repeaters underway, we are right where we should be on our deployment timeline.”

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