AT&T plans ultra-fast broadband in 67 US metro areas - 11 this year

AT&T plans ultra-fast broadband in 67 US metro areas - 11 this year

AT&T is expanding its ultra-fast internet to eleven more metros areas to reach a total of sixty-seven major Metros, including forty-five by the end of 2016.

AT&T plans to connect homes, apartments and small business locations in 11 new metro areas to its internet service with a 1-gigabit connection. This expansion is part of its AT&T ‘Fiber Umbrella’ brand which will eventually see high-speed broadband delivered to sixty-seven metro areas. AT&T plans to launch in 45 metros by the end of this year with the eventual total being sixty seven soon.

AT&T has already launched its ultra-fast internet service in parts of 29 of the nation's largest metro areas. The ultra-fast service is now marketed to over 3 million locations, of which over 500,000 include apartment and condominium units. A spokesperson said: “We are on track to exceed the 12.5 million locations planned by mid-2019”.

David Christopher, chief marketing officer of the AT&T Entertainment Group, said: "Customer demand for high-speed connectivity is exceeding even our high expectations. Today we are also introducing the AT&T Fiber umbrella brand, which lets us bring ultra-fast internet to even more residential and business customers through a mix of the latest network technologies."Nearly three years ago, we successfully launched our 100% fiber network in our first metro area of Austin, Texas. This launch led to a major expansion announcing plans in 2014 to deliver service to 25 major metros. Another push in 2015 announced our plans to extend availability to at least 56 total metros further.

“We have also connected over 1m incremental business customer locations to our fiber network since 2012” said Christopher.

The eleven additional metros planned are:

Florida: Gainesville and Panama City

Georgia: Columbus

Kentucky: Central Kentucky

Louisiana: Lafayette

Mississippi: Biloxi-Gulfport and Northeast Mississippi

North Carolina: Wilmington

Tennessee: Southeastern Tennessee and Knoxville

Texas: Corpus Christi

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