Gondwana concludes long-term capacity deal with Intelsat

Gondwana concludes long-term capacity deal with Intelsat

Gondwana has concluded a long-term capacity agreement with Intelsat that will enable the iWayAfrica Group to offer Virtual Network Operator (VNO) services to telecoms operators and ISPs.

Its approach to lowering the traditional barriers to entry to 5Mbps with no stepped function for further capacity requirements is already receiving interest from medium to large ISPs seeking to complete their coverage footprint and customer portfolio with a satellite offering. Known as Source, the Gondwana VNO service enables smaller operators to buy bulk Ku-Band satellite capacity for creating their own custom VSAT services. 

By lowering the barrier to entry to telecoms operators and ISPs by enabling a Pay-As-You-Grow service with only a 5Mbps capacity and annual commitment, Source permits VSAT operators to focus on service provision and their customers and not on network infrastructure. By leveraging off a wide beam Ku-Band service, Source has the whole of sub-Saharan Africa already covered.

Gondwana and its iWayAfrica operations are well positioned to take advantage of these developments. With an already 100% coverage of Sub-Saharan Africa on its wide beam IS-28 coverage, the group can add additional capacity in key areas availing of new spot beam coverage as they come online.

Gondwana International Networks, a Pan-African communications service company, is one of the largest VSAT Operators in Africa through its operating brands, AfricaOnline and iWayAfrica.

Gondwana and iWayAfrica are attending Capacity Africa to highlight its new wholesale Ku-Band virtual managed platform, Source and is scheduled to meet existing and new customers. A key message Gondwana hopes to impart is that with the widest coverage of Africa’s diverse terrain and population distribution, satellite will always have a place in the African telecoms landscape. 

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