Ericsson to coordinate 5G radio standardisation

Ericsson to coordinate 5G radio standardisation

Ericsson said it will continue to lead the development of 5G as coordinator of the EU’s METIS-II EU project to develop radio system requirements for a standardised 5G network.

METIS-II-EU is designed to provide the 5G collaboration framework within the 5G infrastructure public private partnership (5G-PPP) for a common evaluation of 5G radio access network (RAN) concepts and proposed spectrum roadmap. 

The project comprises an international consortium which consists of 23 partners from regions with 5G R&D initiatives. 

“Making 5G a global standard is the most critical factor for the digitalisation of industries, the internet of things, and broadband everywhere,” said the vendor.

“Standardisation is necessary to connect people all over the world. Over several generations of mobile networks, it has been the cornerstone that allows networks all around the world to work seamlessly together, providing users with the same experience.”

Ericsson said it will integrate technologies into a radio access design and provide a platform for actions towards regulatory and standards bodies. 

In addition the company claims it will be taking the lead as the technical coordinator of the mmMagic (millimetre-wave based mobile radio access network for fifth-generation integrated communications) project. 

The project will develop and design concepts for mobile radio access technology for deployment in the 6-100GHz range.

In March 2015 Ericsson announced partnerships for the development of 5Gwith King's College London in the UK, and Technische Universität Dresden (TU Dresden) in Germany.