A life in the day of... Donald Stuart, CEO at Brainstorm

A life in the day of... Donald Stuart, CEO at Brainstorm

Donald Stuart joined mobile engagement firm Brainstorm two years ago, but the company’s history goes back a staggering 30 years; notable considering its focus on mobile.

“We’ve come from the early days of connecting machines, to now connecting people and enterprises,” Stuart says.

Initially a workflow operation focussed on the connectivity of dispersed systems, Brainstorm has now developed a platform that delivers mobile engagements through channels such as email, SMS and MMS on mobile devices. 

These could be marketing messages to attract people to buy products or experiences, right down to everyday services such as alerts reminding a consumer to check a bank balance.

“We believe that as the world goes mobile first, we have the right solution to create intelligent engagement,” says Stuart.

Based in London, UK, Brainstorm’s customer base comprises both enterprise and MNO customers – such as Telefónica, Vodafone and Virgin Mobile – meaning Stuart’s week kicks of early with a senior strategy meeting looking at how to best serve his clients.

“We have large enterprises which we serve directly with our product,” he explains. “The MNOs use our platform to do their own communication and offer their services to communicate and market to their customers.”

Stuart notes the hugely mobile-centric nature of the modern world, but believes Brainstorm is ahead of the game with its unique technology layer called ‘Spider’; a business rules and workflow engine which allows in-house teams to build digital products “within minutes,” he explains.

One of the challenges Brainstorm faces is keeping up with the fast-pace of the mobile space. And as a result, Stuart spends much of his time communicating with customers to ensure the company is developing what the market needs.

“We have strategic relationships with our customers, and we have a lot of conversations about where they are taking their businesses to ensure that we do not negate any of their plans,” he says. “Things move very fast in this industry and we do not want to become redundant as a technology.”

Brainstorm is focussed on regional rather than sector-based growth. The company has tactfully created a product that doesn’t require its staff to be sector experts, as it can be adapted by each client.

Most of Brainstorm’s staff are based in the UK, but its sales team travels extensively and the company operates remotely in 27 countries worldwide. Stuart says that Brainstorm is looking to increase its growth identity in its operating countries, rather than becoming “spread too thin”.

He highlights Mexico, Brazil, Czech Republic, Germany and Singapore as areas of opportunity over the next 12 months.

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