SwitchRay launches PBX fraud solution

SwitchRay launches PBX fraud solution

VoIP softswitch solutions provider SwitchRay has launched its PBX fraud protection software solution, SR-P7000 v1.1.

The solution is designed to be independent and seamlessly compatible with any softswitch, to better protect carriers from revenue loss caused by a range of fraud, hacking and informational security breaches.

In a statement, SwitchRay said that carrier revenue loss as a result of fraud stands as a major industry problem.

The SR-P7000 allegedly provides real-time capabilities to enable operators to respond immediately to client IP-PBX hacking. It also analyses traffic flow patterns through an operator’s network to further detect and prevent fraudulent activity.

“The fact that we already have six customers piloting SR-P7000 v1.1 demonstrates a clear need for its new features,” said Steve Petilli, president and CEO at SwitchRay.

“We have one of the most robust PBX protection solutions on the market that is helping to significantly reduce carrier revenue loss.”