Global Capacity launches MPLS VPN service

Global Capacity launches MPLS VPN service

Global Capacity has launched a MPLS VPN service over its One Market backbone in the US.

The move is said to offer access to 9.6 million business locations across the US, covering 98% of the nation's enterprise market.

The service can be accessed by a range of technologies, such as Ethernet, T1 and DSL, with incremental bandwidth options ranging from 1Mbps to 1Gbps.

The service also offer five Quality of Service (QoS) levels for voice, video and cloud communications. 

“The combination of Global Capacity’s leading state of network interconnectedness, its MPLS VPN technology and innovative applications enables our wholesale customers to simplify WAN deployments and gain the reach needed to meet enterprise customer needs,” said Ben Edmond, chief revenue officer at Global Capacity.  “With the One Marketplace platform, customers easily obtain the right connectivity to the right location for the right application efficiently and cost-effectively.”

The One Marketplace network leverages 41 PoPs, 86 local aggregation PoPs, 2,007 central offices and over 4,513 last-mile network interconnections.

Earlier this year, Global Capacity launched an application designed to enable business customers, carriers and partners to design and buy data network connectivity.