OneAccess partners with Tokheim for network upgrade

OneAccess has partnered with Tokheim, a service provider specialising in the retail oil and gas industry, to upgrade its network.

The agreement saw OneAccess supply network access equipment to upgrade Tokheim’s legacy VPN configuration on its network, which connects thousands of petrol service station customers and allows business processes like point-of-sale (PoS) connectivity required for fuel sales.

OneAccess is said to have enabled centralised management of the network by configuring its multi-service access routers.

“By working together with Tokheim, we were able to configure a futureproofed, centrally managed network that can flex and scale in accordance with the changing demands of the business,” said Betrand Meis, CEO of OneAccess.

“The end result is a network architecture that not only meets today’s needs, but can also support the introduction of future services that could further enhance performance, such as LTE backhaul or next-generation satellite VPNs,” he added.

The companies said that Tokheim’s network can now be remotely monitored and managed more easily, removing the need for costly on-site assistance, which in turn enhances operational efficiencies.

“The network was becoming increasingly sophisticated and needed to be upgraded and managed. We were working with a network solutions provider which operated through a distributor, but felt it was important that we established a value-added partnership with a vendor that could work directly with us and be able to react quickly to the changing needs of the network,” said Ward Dewerchin, manager of host services and data communication at the systems & electronics business unit, Tokheim.

“OneAccess was the obvious choice, providing access versatility, experience in distributed enterprise connections, integration support for its services and cost-effectiveness.”