Turkey confirmed as telecoms hub for the region at Capacity Eurasia

Turkey confirmed as telecoms hub for the region at Capacity Eurasia

Recent operator activity in Turkey has reaffirmed the country’s position as an international hub connecting Western Europe and the Middle East, a group of panellists remarked at Capacity Eurasia.

In the keynote address in Istanbul, Turkey, Tahsin Yilmaz, CEO at Turk Telekom Group, marked “deployment into different geographies and expansion in the region” as the company’s key wholesale drivers in recent years.

“We have launched fibre-optic projects to strengthen infrastructure in 81 cities in Turkey,” Yilmaz said.

Earlier this year, Deutsche Telekom launched a PoP in Istanbul. Speaking at the panel yesterday, Stephan Schroeder, head of strategy and planning at the company, explained that Turkey’s geography made it particularly attractive.

“We definitely see Turkey developing as a hub here – that was the reason why we opened a co-location here and we are very happy with that decision,” he said.

Mohamed Elagazy, SVP of strategy, business development and international relations at GBI, highlighted Turkey as one of the fastest-growing economies in Europe and noted the clear demand for bandwidth from both the Middle East and Europe.

Despite such demand, operators in the country say that co-operation and collaboration will be key to a successful hub.

“It will be a group effort because this is a big change,” said Elagazy.

“But Istanbul is ready to be a hub.”

Capacity's third conference dedicated to the Eurasian telecoms market concludes today in Istanbul.

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