UK leader backs Huawei amid growing concerns

UK leader backs Huawei amid growing concerns

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has confirmed his support for Chinese vendor Huawei amid parliamentary concerns over the crucial role played by the company in the country’s telecoms infrastructure.

Huawei has come under mounting suspicion after a recent report from the US House of Representatives claimed the company and fellow vendor ZTE posed a security risk.

It was also revealed last week that members of Parliament in the UK were investigating the telecoms equipment vendor’s relationship with BT after the two first signed a deal in 2004.

The revelations came amid claims in the US House intelligence committee report that the UK’s security vetting procedures for Huawei equipment would be inadequate in the US.

Huawei announced a £1.2 billion investment in the UK last month and the creation of over 700 jobs. The vendor is a major supplier of telecoms equipment in the UK and has contracts with several operators.

The UK’s acceptance of Huawei contrasts starkly with the stance taken in the US where the vendor’s role has been restricted.

Australia has also banned Huawei from providing equipment for its National Broadband Network project amid security concerns.

Part of the suspicion surrounding Huawei comes from the background of the company’s founder, Ren Zhengfei, who served in China’s People’s Liberation Army.