China leads Asia-Pacific in number of 3G subscribers
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China leads Asia-Pacific in number of 3G subscribers

Surges in demand for 3G services have driven China to the top spot for 3G subscribers in the Asia-Pacific region according to Pyramid Research.


The Chinese market has gone through tremendous development over the past four years, following the restructuring of the telecoms industry back in 2008.

Despite 3G licences only becoming available in 2009 and each Chinese operator supporting different 3G technology, the nation has managed to surpass Japan within just three years.

Pyramid believes that there are several factors which led to the 3G demand surge in China, including: improved purchasing power from prolonged economic growth, familiarity with the internet as a result of fixed broadband government initiatives, and user’s attachment to the internet with increasingly advanced services and information available online in the local language.

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