Interoute launches pan-European virtual data centre

Interoute launches pan-European virtual data centre

Interoute has launched its virtual data centre (VDC) product, a private and public cloud computing platform built into the company’s pan-European multiprotocol label switching/IP network.

The company claims that this latest offering differs from other cloud platforms in that it supplies real enterprise grade security, but with the simplicity of public cloud computing networks and access.

Interoute’s director of cloud services, Robert Ibbitson, believes that the platform’s VPN base makes it unique: “If you look up most of our competitors they are solidly sat in the public internet space. Interoute has an extensive VPN base across all of the countries we’re in and we have a number of customers who have multiprotocol label switching VPNs across that.”

Building the platform into its own network allows Interoute to house its customer’s cloud in any of the 29 European countries it covers.

Jonathon Brown, marketing director at Interoute, says that this gives the company an advantage in attracting European enterprises compared to cloud giant Amazon: “Where Amazon struggles, arguably, is that they are US based and therefore they are exposed to US laws and regulations, like the patriot act. They also do not allow you to choose where you house your data.” He continues: “With Interoute’s product and service you can dictate where you want to put the data within Europe, so you can have clear transparency on the regulation.”

Interoute says that 40 large enterprise customers took part in the beta phase of the VDC. With many stating that a cloud platform was part of their company plan for 2012.