Price per megabit falls by 93% in Saudi Arabia
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Price per megabit falls by 93% in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s broadband prices dropped by 93% per megabit of bandwidth during the second and third quarters of 2010, giving it the largest quarterly reduction globally, according to Point Topic.

Other countries to show significant reductions in price include India, where prices fell by 84% and Turkey, where prices fell by 71%.

The huge cuts show the impact made when an operator upgrades its network or introduces a new tariff. “Prices are stabilising in many markets around the world and overall in the last quarter there was an average increase globally. However, there are plenty of countries that are still rolling out new networks and ISPs that are announcing new tariffs,” says Fiona Vanier, senior analyst at Point Topic.

The report identifies the reasons for the stark differences in tariffs, such as geography, market and network maturity, local competition and levels of subsidy. Bandwidth studied in the report ranges from 150Kbps up to 1Gbps.

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