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FCC opens up spectrum over 24GHz for 5G wireless
15 Jul 2016

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has adopted new rules for wireless broadband operations in frequencies above 24GHz to enable rapid development and deployment of next-gen 5G technologies and services in the US.

ANALYSIS: 20,000 leagues under the Brexit, without a rudder
14 Jul 2016

The UK's imminent departure from the European Union has injected a vast sea of uncertainty and instability into the telco ocean. Bill Boyle looks at the Brexit aftermath. Agnes Stubbs looks at the impact on roaming and wholesale

Helios secures $105m to fund Bharti Airtel towers deal
14 Jul 2016

The Helios Towers Democratic Republic of Congo (HTD) subsidiary has announced the successful completion of a $105 million loan to help fund a Bharti Airtel’s tower portfolio acquisition and to finance future growth in the country.

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