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Telecom NZ to trial 4G
02 May 2014

Telecom NZ has partnered with Huawei to trial 4G through 700MHz spectrum in New Zealand

Netflix meets with FCC over net neutrality
02 May 2014

Netflix has voiced its concerns over net neutrality laws directly to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) following the regulator’s latest announcement to alter Open Internet rules.

Friday Network News: May 2
02 May 2014

Capacity brings you the latest network news. If you have network developments you'd like us to share, please tweet us @capacitymag or email

Taiwan NCC permits 4G launches
01 May 2014

Taiwan’s National Communication Commission (NCC) has given three companies in the country permission to launch commercial 4G services.

Equinix launches cloud exchange service
01 May 2014

Equinix has launched the Equinix Cloud Exchange, an advanced interconnection solution designed to allow on-demand access to multiple clouds and networks worldwide.

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