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Dish and DirecTV in merger talks
31 Mar 2014

Dish Network is reportedly in talks with DirecTV – the largest satellite TV operator in the US – regarding a possible merger between the two companies.

C4L reveals technology partner
31 Mar 2014

Data centre co-location provider C4L has today revealed solution provider Digital Realty as what it describes as its first technology partner.

Belgacom to launch cloud service
31 Mar 2014

Belgian operator Belgacom is set to launch new cloud service Belgacom Cloud, following successful trials with 4,500 users since mid-December last year.

Vodafone targets M-Pesa growth across Europe
31 Mar 2014

UK-based Vodafone is seeking to bring mobile payment services to Europe, in a bid to replicate the same business model for the platform that has had so much success in Africa.

Taiwan to release LTE spectrum blocks by 2015
28 Mar 2014

Taiwan’s telecoms regulator, the National Communications Commission (NCC), has announced plans to release three blocks of spectrum in the 2600MHz band suitable for LTE.

Slim slams new Mexican telecoms regulations
28 Mar 2014

Tycoon Carlos Slim has criticised Mexico’s new telecoms bill and demanded that the country’s officials review the proposals, the Financial Times reports.

Telekom Austria completes 400G trial
28 Mar 2014

Telekom Austria has today announced that it has successfully completed a trial of 400Gbps technology between Zagreb, Croatia and Ljubljana, Slovenia.

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