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Salesforce And Isobar Back Covid-19 Vaccination Funding

22 June 2020 | Melanie Mingas


Salesforce and digital experience agency Isobar have joined forces with the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) to help automate the management of funding including Covid-19 vaccine development programmes.

Established in 2017, CEPI is a global alliance that finances and coordinates the development of vaccines against emerging infectious diseases. It chose, the social impact business unit of Salesforce for the project.

Mads Høgholen, director of finance and operations at CEPI said: “CEPI has grown quickly to support a varied portfolio of vaccine development projects against emerging infectious diseases. As the work of the organisation expands, it is essential that we have the right business systems in place to enable us to work as efficiently and effectively as possible.

“Our collaboration with Isobar and Salesforce will help us navigate the business transformation process, and we are looking forward to benefiting from their experience and professionalism as we implement this project,” Høgholen added.

CEPI chose, the social impact business unit of Salesforce, to lead the work and provide customer support.

Using a cloud-based grants management solution built on Salesforce Customer 360, CEPI will manage the entire lifecycle of philanthropic giving — from eligibility and application, review and evaluation, through to distribution and impact management.

Isobar is credited as a key partner in the development and implementation of CEPI’s new Salesforce solution.

Stephane Viallet (pictured), VP of global agency alliances, Salesforce, said: “We are excited to see CEPI innovate using Salesforce to implement an agile, purpose-built platform to help streamline funding that will support the development of vaccines against emerging infectious diseases, including Covid-19.

“We’re excited to see global digital agencies such as Isobar designing and implementing new experiences that leverage the power of Salesforce. This is an example of how the Salesforce ecosystem can come together to drive impact during this challenging time.”