Equinix expands IBM Cloud connectivity

19 June 2019 | Laurence Doe


Equinix has expanded its collaboration with IBM Cloud to bring private and scalable connectivity to global enterprises at the digital edge through its Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric (ECX Fabric).

The expansion has built upon the long-standing Equinix and IBM relationship where IBM Cloud Direct Link Exchange is deployed in more Equinix International Business Exchange (IBX) data centers worldwide than any other Direct Link Exchange provider.

Equinix is developing its hybrid cloud strategy with IBM to enable deployments for enterprises that use the global ECX Fabric to provide private connectivity to IBM Cloud, including Direct Link Exchange, Direct Link Dedicated and Direct Link Dedicated Hosting.

Royce Thomas, SVP, strategic alliances and global account management, Equinix, commented: “Our extended collaboration to offer direct and private connectivity to the IBM Cloud Direct Link service via ECX Fabric is a key enabler to enterprise digital transformation efforts.

“With the global reach of the Equinix interconnection platform, combined with IBM Cloud, we can help enterprises deploy hybrid cloud solutions and scale their digital businesses at the edge with robust security.”

Equinix has also joined the IBM Cloud Direct Link Service Provider Program, providing at least one Direct Link point of presence in each of IBM’s strategic markets and enabling private connections to IBM Cloud.

The changes have resulted in secure, private cloud that is connecting customers to IBM Cloud in 16 metros around the world. By effectively bypassing the public internet, customers can utilise ECX Fabric to implement low-latency, hybrid cloud solutions that connect directly to IBM Cloud and help dynamically scale their IT infrastructure at the digital edge.

Gabriel Montanti, global offering executive, IBM Cloud, said: “Enterprises are rapidly building next-generation applications on the cloud that leverage Blockchain, AI, IoT, machine learning and more. With the ability to directly connect to business-critical applications from multiple points of presence within Equinix data centers located in key global metros, our customers can anticipate to more effectively integrate hybrid cloud strategies designed for improved security, reliability and performance."

The next phase in the evolution of Platform Equinix was recently announced with the unveiling of Network Edge services.