Liberty Global picks Benu Networks’ IPv6 solution

23 February 2018 | Natalie Bannerman

Liberty Global has chosen Benu Networks’ IPv6 Dual-Stack (DS-Lite) solution to allow it to transition from IPv4 to IPv6.

The solution uses Benu Networks’ Virtual Service Edge (VSE) platform is the foundation of the DS-Lite solution and it allows the transition to IPv6 without disrupting the existing subscribers’ use of IPv4 Internet or applications.

“Liberty Global selected Benu Networks’ DS-Lite solution for its technical, operational, and commercial fit. Even more compelling was the solution’s ability to support the creation of different network service slices on the same platform. This capability will empower Liberty Global to easily and rapidly launch additional managed services in the future. The team at Liberty Global is glad to again partner with Benu Networks on enabling a mission critical network service that will assist us with our transition from IPv4 to IPv6,” said Andrew Grotzke, vice president of core networks, strategy and engineering at Liberty Global.

In addition, the two companies have partnered with ARRIS International plc, for strategic architectural design expertise, integration, and deployment of the Benu Networks’ DS-Lite solution by the ARRIS Global Services team.

The DS-Lite solution provides a standards-based Address Family Transition Router (AFTR) capability per the IETF RFC6333 standard deployed on Benu Networks’ latest, x86 Multiservice Edge Gateway (xMEG) platform. In addition to standard AFTR functions, the solution supports a robust provider edge routing feature set for better integration while also helping to future proof Liberty Global’s network. Using a software upgrade, the Virtual Storage Extended (VSE) platform running the DS-Lite solution can transition to a virtual customer premises equipment (vCPE) solution to deliver Managed Business Network or Managed Home Network services.

Commenting on the announcement, Steve McCaffery, president of international sales, ARRIS, said: “ARRIS collaborates with Liberty Global across the operator’s global operations giving us the insights and expertise to seamlessly integrate Benu Networks’ DS-Lite solution. This deployment is testament to our leadership in designing and transforming today’s broadband networks, leveraging innovative technology from strategic partners, and ARRIS’ world-class engineering bench.”

Overall the IPv6 DS-Lite solution provides dual-stack to users without requiring any public IPv4 address to be assigned to the CPE, employs IPv6 in the access network to ease the IPv4 exhaustion issue and simplify the management of the access network, supports native IPv6 traffic in the ISP core network and delivers a future proof network which does not require new hardware to enable new network functions/services such as a Virtual Services Gateway.

“Benu Networks is pleased to continue our collaboration with Liberty Global and ARRIS to provide a cost effective and powerful IPv6 DS-Lite solution,” added Mads Lillelund, CEO of Benu Networks. “At the heart of the DS-Lite solution is Benu Networks’ Virtual Service Edge (VSE) software platform which supports the creation of different network service slices on the same, single platform. This empowers Liberty Global with the flexibility to utilize the same VSE platform used to address the seamless transition from IPv4 to IPv6, to enable the delivery of other additional applications such as Managed Business Network services.”