Alcatel-Lucent launches wavelength routing technology

31 March 2015 |

France’s Alcatel-Lucent has revealed optical transport network technology, designed to enable operators to deploy optical transport networks with ease and flexibility.

The technology is expected to remove many of the existing limitations surrounding capacity demands, speed and efficiency that operators face during these deployments.

In particular, the technology will allegedly allow service providers to adjust wavelength connections, automate takes on a wide scale, and identify and route faults in fibre infrastructure.

Brian Fitzgerald, SVP of global solutions at Alcatel-Lucent said that unlimited network dynamism and scale were crucial for operators.

“Our wavelength routing technology is a foundational ingredient in providing the unparalleled flexibility with massive automation and increased efficiency that are needed in the optical layer,” he said.

“This solution provides unconstrained wavelength networking and can be deployed at scale.”

US giant Verizon is set to deploy the technology on its long haul, core optical network, as part of its transition to an optical converged infrastructure to address traffic growth and enable faster and more cost-effective deployment of new services.

“We look forward to working with Alcatel-Lucent to introduce their wavelength routing solution into our ultra long-haul network to drive scalability, flexibility and reliability,” Verizon’s VP of global network planning, Lee Hicks, said.

In October last year, Alcatel-Lucent launched its time and wavelength division multiplexed passive optical networks (TWDM-PON) solution, designed to increase capacity for broadband services on operator networks.