Megaport set for expansion as it spins off fibre assets

27 October 2014 | Gareth Willmer

Australian network service provider Megaport has formally announced plans to expand internationally over the next 18 months, as it seeks a presence in markets in Asia, Europe and North America.

At the same time, the company has said that it is spinning off its fibre assets into a new infrastructure company called Superloop.

Megaport has appointed Denver Maddux – previously Microsoft’s senior director of global network services – as its new CEO to lead the company’s global expansion, and Belinda Flanders as EVP for the APAC and MEA regions. Megaport founder Bevan Slattery remains as the company’s executive chairman.

The move to spin off Megaport’s fibre assets into Superloop forms part of the strategy to focus on international expansion of the company’s interconnection services.

“I thought it was important to be crystal clear about Megaport’s mission and provide focus and clarity for the Megaport platform,” said Slattery. “The underlying fibre network was developed as an enabler for Megaport in its initial markets. The accelerated growth of the network has created a standalone business, warranting an independent strategy and resourcing that can be provided within Superloop.”

Superloop’s Australian network is expected to go live in January 2015, with dark-fibre connectivity between major data centres. Over 70% of the Singapore network is expected to then go live next March, with the completion of roll-out slated for July.

The network will connect cable landing stations in Tuas, Changi and Katong, as well as major data centres such as those of Equinix and Global Switch.