Gareth Willmer

Recent Articles

  • The dispute in the US over 5G’s potential effects on aviation and recent reports on future spectrum availability have brought issues around spectrum to light. so, What will it take to ensure spectrum use is maximised in the long term? Gareth Willmer investigates
  • As Europe’s mobile industry evolves, so too the MVNO market changes shape, with an increased need for players to ascend the value chain in the digital age. Gareth Willmer explores the emerging trends, opportunities and challenges for both MVNOs and their operator partners
  • United Group has made strides expanding in south-eastern Europe in the past couple of years and has now launched a regional wholesale division. Paolo Ficini, CEO of the new unit, tells Gareth Willmer why UGI Wholesale has the ingredients for success
  • AT&T and Cisco have launched 5G network capabilities that will enhance the performance of IoT applications across the US.
  • Sparkle has formed a joint strategic venture with Panamanian telecoms provider Trans Ocean Network for the construction of a landing and connectivity centre to act as a digital hub for Central America, the Andean region and the Caribbean.
  • Canada-based satellite operator Telesat has signed a long-term strategic cooperation agreement with NSSLGlobal, an independent provider of satellite communications to the government and maritime industry, to collaborate on the commercial and technical aspects of its new low-Earth-orbit (LEO) constellation, Telesat Lightspeed.