Rostelecom expands mobile backhaul network with NEC

22 May 2014 |

Russia’s Rostelecom has today announced a partnership with NEC subsidiary NEC Neva Communications Systems, for the expansion and upgrade of its mobile backhaul network.

Japanese vendor NEC has deployed its microwave communications system – iPASOLINK EX – in a number of locations across Russia, in a bid to support Rostelecom’s network in areas that are inhospitable to optical fibre.

“NEC has been providing Rostelecom with microwave and transmission systems for over 30 years,” said Akihiro Sakurai, managing director of NEC Neva Communications Systems. “NEC’s selection is recognition of the high level of reliability and the long-term quality of its technologies and services and strong microwave technology product roadmap.”

NEC’s iPASOLINK EX supports 70-80GHz band communications and the first of 235 stations was installed in Siberia and north west Russia in July last year. The network is now being expanded to southern areas of the country.

Rostelecom acquired infrastructure in Ukraine earlier this month, following a push from the Russian government to launch services in Crimea.