Infinera and Brocade trial 100G network optimisation with SDN

15 October 2013 |

Infinera and Brocade have today announced the successful demonstration of multi-layer network optimisation using software defined networking (SDN) technology.

The companies collaborated with the US Department of Energy’s Energy Sciences Network (ESnet) for the trial, which shows how SDN can be used to increase and reroute data centre-to-data centre traffic, according to demand.

“This pioneering demonstration showcases the value of an intelligent transport network combined with SDN control,” said Dave Welch, president at Infinera.

“Our converged DTN-X platform is optimal for realising many SDN benefits, including multi-layer optimisation, which increases the efficiency of network resources used at higher layers of the network.”

The demonstration was split into two phases, with the first leveraging ESnet’s on-demand secure circuits and advance reservation system (OSCARS) to provision 100G services across a multi-layer network.

Phase two focussed on multi-layer network optimisation, to examine how proactive detection of increased packet flow bandwidth could allow OSCARS to bypass packet switches or routers.

Inder Monga, chief technologist at ESnet, added: “We believe the ability for the network to quickly and nimbly handle large data flows at the most cost-effective layer of the network is one of the key value drivers for SDN. Being able to provision and optimise the network across both the router and transport layers from a single console using our OSCARS platform and open standards-based protocols is very attractive to ESnet.”

In October, Infinera deployed its DTN-X platform in Russia for one of the country’s largest operators, Rostelecom.