Level 3 pens conferencing contract in South Carolina

21 August 2013 |

Level 3 Communications has signed a five-year contract with the state of South Carolina for the delivery of web and audio conferencing services.

The services will enable government organisations across the state to share work and knowledge across departments, time zones and geographies without the associated cost of travel.

Edward Morche, SVP and general manager of Level 3’s government markets group, said that rather than compromising from budget pressure, South Carolina is capitalising on it to improve its state service.

“With these services, the State of South Carolina is virtually removing time, financial and geographic boundaries and ambiguity that can stand in the way of effectively collaborating on important projects or making time-sensitive decisions,” Morche said.

“That not only helps the government, it helps its citizens."

The services are further expected to allow employees to work remotely through a secure conferencing connection, regardless of location.

Earlier this month, Level 3 partnered with O3b Networks for the delivery of a North American satellite gateway.