Vox Solutions named international A2P SMS partner for Azercell Telecom

Vox Solutions named international A2P SMS partner for Azercell Telecom

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Azercell Telecom, a mobile operator in Azerbaijan, has appointed Vox Solutions as its exclusive partner for the direct termination of A2P SMS international traffic to Azercell's network.

Under the partnership, Vox Solutions and Azercell Telecom will establish a direct interconnection, enabling the secure delivery of A2P messages to Azercell's 5 million retail and enterprise customers.

It also enables Azercell Telecom to control and manage the entry and delivery of all international A2P SMS traffic, reducing fraud while at the same time enhancing traffic monetisation.

“We are truly honoured to have extended our existing relationship with Azercell to this strategic partnership and remain more committed than ever to provide Azercell with continued support in surpassing their business objectives,” says Ehsan Ahmadi, CEO & founder of Vox Solutions.

“Together, we will pave the way to create unparalleled communication experiences to foster lasting success."

VOX-360 is one of the solutions that aims address the growing fraud challenge for mobile operators. It is estimated that 45% of all A2P SMS traffic is terminated using grey routes, leading a loss of approximately US$8 billion a year for mobile operators.

In addition, Artificial Inflated Traffic inflates traffic volumes through artificial means, leading to elevated enterprise costs and lower mobile network operator revenues.

The VOX-360 contains anti-fraud features, flash call authentication, A2P SMS monetisation, and mobile identity capabilities. It enables mobile operators to identify and block spam and fraudulent traffic, and to optimise their network monetisation efforts.

In similar news earlier this year Vox Solutions was appointed by Telekom Network Malawi as the exclusive gateway for international A2P SMS traffic.

As with Azercell Telecom, the partnership between Vox Solutions and TNM will give the Malawi operator greater control over the delivery of all international A2P SMS traffic into its network, including critical communications such as one-time passwords and customer notifications.

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