Vox wins big in Malawi with A2P tech partnership

Vox wins big in Malawi with A2P tech partnership

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Vox Solutions has been appointed by Telekom Network Malawi (TNM) as the exclusive gateway for international application-to-person (A2P) SMS traffic.

The partnership between Vox Solutions and TNM will give the Malawi operator greater control over the delivery of all international A2P SMS traffic into its network, including critical communications such as one-time passwords and customer notifications.

In addition to SMS traffic, Vox will partner with TMN to provide anti-fraud features, flash call authentication, A2P SMS monetisation and mobile identity capabilities through its Vox-360 platform.

“Fraud is becoming a rapidly growing challenge for mobile operators, wanting to expand their solutions to enterprises, for which security and quality of delivery is a priority” said Michel Hebert, TNM’s CEO.

Vox claims that its 360 Platform is the only solution in the market which is capable of mitigating flash calls. According to CEO and founder Ehsan Ahmadi, this unique feature ensures TNM “is not only protected against messaging bypass but also safeguarded from potential voice and flash calls fraudulent activities in the future".

According to Juniper Research, 5 billion flash calls were made in 2022, with that number expected to reach 128 billion calls by 2026. Juniper also expects operators to lose $1.3 billion to undetected flash calls cumulatively between 2023 and 2027.

Juniper predicts that over 90% of flash calling traffic will be undetected by network operators in 2023. However, this figure is expected to drop to 45% by 2026 driven by the higher deployment of detection services offered by companies like Vox.[BN(2]

Investing in their own mobile identity capabilities, such as those provided by Vox to TMN, can help MNOs to generate new revenue streams by monetising their data.

Ahmadi and Sam Barker, head of analytics & forecasting at Juniper will further discuss how the messaging sector should respond to the rise of flash calling in a fireside chat at Capacity’s Messaging and SMS World, June 19-20th in London.

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