EllaLink's sales division undergoes strategic restructuring

EllaLink's sales division undergoes strategic restructuring

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EllaLink has announced a strategic reorganisation of its sales division to better align with market demand and maximise on market opportunities.

According to the new plans, the company will create two separate units. The first being a subsea infrastructure development unit and a global sales unit.

The subsea infrastructure development unit will focus on expanding EllaLink footprint, while the global sales unit will focus on meeting the growing demand for capacity and infrastructure services on EllaLink's existing routes.

“The decision to reorganise the marketing and sales division comes as a response to the evolving needs and demands of the market," said Philippe Dumont, CEO at EllaLink.

"With the rapid growth of digital connectivity, the submarine cable industry has witnessed an unprecedented surge in demand to expand into new routes and serve with improved latency and resilience new geographies. By realigning its resources and expertise, EllaLink aims to enhance its ability to deliver innovative solutions and exceptional customer experiences while maximising business opportunities.”

According to the new structure, Vincent Gatineau will serve as senior vice-president of subsea infrastructure development, taking responsibility for expanding EllaLink’s subsea cable network, ensuring the infrastructure meets the evolving requirements of global connectivity.

In his role, he will lead a team that will focus on the strategic planning, design, and execution of subsea cable projects, as well as strengthening relationships with key partners and stakeholders.


At the same time, Vlad Ihora (pictured above) as been appointed as senior vice-president of global sales at EllaLink. In his new position, Ihora is tasked with nurturing existing client relationships and cultivating new business opportunities globally.

His key objectives are to develop and execute sales strategies, identifying potential markets and customers, and ensuring consistent revenue growth for the organisation.


In addition, Cidália Tavares (pictured above) has been named as customer service manager for the global sales unit, serving as a liaison between customer, sales, and production; managing escalations and assuring quality standards; and focusing on continuously improving our service levels.

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