Türk Telekom and ZTE launch next-gen Tivibu platform

Türk Telekom and ZTE launch next-gen Tivibu platform

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Türk Telekom confirms the launch of the next-generation TV platform Tivibu, based on its IPTV/OTT platform in Türkiye (Turkey), in cooperation with ZTE Corporation and and Netaş.

The platform enables Türk Telekom to improve end-user satisfaction with its new video applications and continues to give its subscribers more user-friendly features and richer content through its Tivibu product.

Using Tivibu's new interface and advanced features, Tivibu customers can seamlessly resume watching content that has been played and paused on multiple devices, including IPTV, Web, Smart TV, Apple TV/Android TV, smartphones, or tablets. This cross-device functionality allows users to pick up where they left off and continue their viewing experience from any of these devices at their convenience.

According to the companies, the end-to-end IPTV/OTT platform, jointly developed by Türk Telekom, ZTE, and Netaş, has played a significant role in the international IPTV/OTT market. This platform has served as a demonstration for many operators, showcasing its capabilities in maintenance and operation.

By using ZTE's IPTV infrastructure and complementing it with Netaş' interface and application development, testing capabilities, and installation services, Tivibu delivers an advanced viewing experience to its subscribers.

Tivibu has also actively introduced Google ecosystem, opening up a new revenue increase model that brings more value-added business and more flexible operation means. This platform has completed the integration and docking of more than ten third-party manufacturers, as well as the cutover of all platforms and set-top boxes, serving millions of users on the live network.

In related news, earlier this year ZTE announced that building sustainable green fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) networks is key for its network development and benefits the whole society.

Speaking at the annual FTTH Conference in Madrid, Spain, Hans Neff, senior director of the ZTE CTO group said the “green” requirements should be integrated into the full lifecycle of FTTH networks.

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