Liquid Dataport partners Icosnet on connectivity in Algeria

Liquid Dataport partners Icosnet on connectivity in Algeria

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Liquid Dataport has partnered with Icosnet to enable its customers to access digital communication services offered by Liquid Dataport in Algeria.

Through this collaboration Icosnet, a private ISP provider in Algeria, will now have access to Liquid's pan-African network for their clients' connectivity needs, via Liquid Dataport, a pan-African technology group.

"This partnership will enhance Liquid's offering as we will be able to offer a one-stop-shop for customers to buy services in Algeria. Icosnet is a strategic company to partner with in this endeavour, given its excellent track record of customer service and delivery," said David Eurin, CEO of Liquid Dataport.

"Liquid Dataport will offer our suite of digital solutions for public and private sector clients to all service providers working with Icosnet. These include providing them access to Liquid's extensive fibre network on the continent and other digital services – as well as the ability to connect back to Europe."

This latest partnership forms part of Liquid's One Broadband Africa partner programme to make connectivity and products and services more widely available in Africa, to support economic growth and productivity for businesses.

"This strategic partnership enables Icosnet, an African company firmly focused on the continent and operating in the demanding Algerian market, to share its 24 years of expertise in the telecommunications field with its neighbours, by providing them with its infrastructure and know-how, as well as to extend the footprint of services offered to its major international telco partners," said Ali Morsli, CEO at Icosnet.

"This accessibility made possible by connectivity with Europe, and access to the liquid network, opens up new perspectives for positioning Icosnet as the main international Telecommunications Hub in the region."

In related news, earlier this month Liquid Intelligent Technologies has entered into a memorandum of understanding with the Government of Zambia to provide connectivity to all Zambians.

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