Lumen rolls out 400G IP transit ports across its network

Lumen rolls out 400G IP transit ports across its network

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Lumen Technologies has become one of the first global providers to launch 400G IP transit ports across its network in the US and Europe Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

The news is the latest in a long line of investments being made by Lumen in its network. First was the expansion of its US intercity dark fibre network, then the build out of its 400G wavelength network in the US and Europe.

The newly unveiled 400G IP transit ports, gives businesses, hyperscalers and content providers with ultra-high bandwidth connections to support the large IP transit needs in an internet-centred world.

"We continue to capitalise on our network strength and deliver the services that are so important to our customers," said Andrew Dugan, chief technology officer at Lumen

"Businesses that need IP transit are looking for efficient global internet routes connecting where data is and where it needs to go. Lumen's highly peered AS3356 network can connect internet traffic sources and destinations with minimal network hops. Combining Lumen's 400G transit ports with our 400G wavelengths well positions us in the IP transit market for delivering ultra-high bandwidth connections."

Expanding the Lumen high speed IP service offering with 400G ports creates a more efficient way for content providers, hyperscalers, internet service providers, as well as wholesale and gaming companies, to support the growing bandwidth demands of their customers.

It also simplifies and reduces the need to bundle and manage multiple lower bandwidth ports.

At present, the Lumen high speed IP service with 400G ports is currently available in eight markets, but it is 'aggressively' expanding this availability to at least twelve additional major markets across the US and EMEA in 2023, with continued expansions in 2024.

In related news, last month Lumen added Portuguese company Talkdesk to its portfolio of contact centre as a service platforms.

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