Liquid sets up cyber security centre number 3 in Lusaka

Liquid sets up cyber security centre number 3 in Lusaka

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Cassava Technologies’ Liquid C2 has opened a cyber security centre in Zambia, its third in Africa.

The Cyber Security Fusion Centre (CSFC) in Lusaka will help stem the rise in cyber attacks in Zambia, said David Behr (pictured), CEO of Liquid C2.

“Zambia’s ongoing digital transformation has seen businesses increase their online service adoption to serve the growing cyber-population, meaning Zambian businesses are becoming increasingly high-risk targets for cyber-attacks,” said Behr.

According to research, cyber attacks on Zambian citizens and businesses are running at 10 million a year. The country’s minister of technology and science, Felix Mutati, announced last year that an increase in cybercrime is among the country’s biggest threats.

Behr said: “Our Cyber Security Fusion Centre will provide businesses with timeous responses to mitigate these attacks successfully, ensuring that their business is prepared to face current and even future threats.”

Only last week, Liquid bought Cysiv MEA, a technology company headquartered in Cairo, to add to its cyber security portfolio. It will rebrand to Liquid C2, to align it with the group’s global cloud and cybersecurity identity.

Mark Townsend, CEO of Liquid Intelligent Technologies in Zambia, said: “Adding the Cyber Security Fusion Centre to the country’s cyber security infrastructure will strengthen our ability to protect vital small businesses from increasing cybercrime threats, as it focuses on bolstering the growth of the small businesses sector.”

He said the centre will offer comprehensive cyber security services, including threat intelligence, detection, and incident response, customised to meet the requirements of businesses in Zambia.

“Liquid C2 aims to enable businesses of all sizes to concentrate on their growth without worrying about the escalating cyber security risks,” said Townsend.


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