Liquid moves into Egypt with cyber security acquisition

Liquid moves into Egypt with cyber security acquisition

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Liquid Intelligent Technologies has moved into the cyber security market in Egypt, by acquiring Cysiv MEA, a technology company headquartered in Cairo.

Cysiv MEA specialises in providing enterprise cloud and cyber security services to Egyptian companies, particularly in the financial services sector.

The organisation will rebrand to Liquid C2, to align it with the group’s global cloud and cybersecurity identity.

David Behr (pictured), CEO of Liquid C2, said: “Liquid recognises the critical role Cysiv MEA has been playing in the cloud and cyber security industry in Egypt and the region. Our main task as a group is to support them in bringing more cyber security tools for our customers as they face an increasingly hostile global threat environment from cybercriminals and nation-state sponsored attackers.”

Sherif Shaltout, VP of operations at Cysiv MEA, said: “Our mission has been to empower customers with world-class cloud and cyber security services and solutions that pre-emptively protect against attacks and loss of digital assets caused by an ever-evolving threat landscape, before it affects the business.”

The company was originally called SecureMisr, which means “secure Egypt”.

Liquid said it plans to grow the Egyptian business by tapping into local tech talent, making Egypt a key hub for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

It said the acquisition allows the Liquid group – with operations in Africa, UK, the US and Latin America – “to bring some of the best global cloud and cyber security products to the Egyptian market”.

Shaltout said: “We are now in an even stronger position to enable our enterprise customers in Egypt and the MENA region to accelerate their digital transformation whilst at the same time acquiring more sophisticated tools to deal with ever-increasing threats through our expanded cloud and cyber security services portfolio.”

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