GCAs 2022: Where are they now? Bridge Alliance, Singtel and Ericsson

GCAs 2022: Where are they now? Bridge Alliance, Singtel and Ericsson

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Bridge Alliance, Singtel and Ericsson took home a Global Carrier Award in 2022 in the Best IoT Initiative category for a collaboration allowing eSIM swaps in connected car operation. The partnership is built on Singtel's Multi-Domestic Connectivity solution, powered by Ericsson's IoT Accelerator platform that deploys services seamlessly and efficiently across the region, and Bridge Alliance's tight-knit community of tier-one mobile operators in the region.

Described by the Global Carrier Awards judges as "a solution that fixed many of the issues automotive OEMs will face in regional rollout programmes", this collaboration significantly simplifies the deployment of connected cars in multiple markets by offering seamless connectivity through a single point of contact.

IoT devices offer great potential for carmakers, but deploying them to multiple markets brings challenges. Traditionally, vehicles shipped to different countries require different eSIMs that run on various operator networks. Carmakers must often sign connectivity agreements with operators in multiple countries to ensure a smooth service.

This was the problem faced by two multinational automotive OEMs looking to roll out connected cars across multiple Asian markets. To simplify their rollout, they approached Singtel, a member of Bridge Alliance, to deploy its multi-market connectivity solution.

With Singtel as a single point of contact and tapping on Bridge Alliance's inter-operator agreements throughout APAC, the carmakers could sign one contract with one telco rather than negotiating a separate agreement for each territory. This meant one billing party, one API and VPN, and one delivery partner from the carmaker's point of view, as well as reducing the need to ship a separate eSIM model to each country the cars would be sold in. This cut operational complexity and led to a shorter time to market.

Using this framework, Singtel and Bridge Alliance team powered a connected car rollout in 16 Asian markets in just 12 months, and many multinational companies have benefited from the award-winning partnership. What next? Now that the framework is in place, the same carmaker will roll out a new connected car programme in five APAC markets, delivering new services such as infotainment that can deliver revenue for the OEM and their telco partners.

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