Arelion’s Chattanooga fibre transmits at 400Gbps

Arelion’s Chattanooga fibre transmits at 400Gbps

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Arelion says it has transmitted data at 400Gbps over a live fibre for 1,800km.

The company, formerly Telia Carrier, used equipment from Infinera for the trial, which took place on its transmission network on routes between Dallas, Memphis and Chattanooga.

Infinera’s Tom Burns (pictured) said: “This record-breaking achievement represents a significant milestone in the evolution of coherent optical solutions.”

Infinera and Arelion’s announcement comes days after Adtran and a US educational network, NYSERNet, announced a speed of 800Gbps on 2,220km of fibre.

The Arelion field trial demonstrated the powerful programmability of Infinera’s ICE-X intelligent pluggable coherent solution, said the companies. By adjusting the modulation of the optical signal in the same pluggable coherent solution, the companies also demonstrated long-distance performance at 300Gbps and 200Gbps.

Georgios Tologlou, senior network architect at Arelion, said: “We were early investors in optical pluggable components to drive demonstrable value and cost-efficiency for our customers. Lab trials with perfect fiber are one thing. But we are not afraid to test these pluggables in live networks over the same fibre we’re using for live traffic.”

Burns, who is general manager of the optical modules and coherent solutions group at Infinera, said: “The trial demonstrates the level of performance that can be achieved in a QSFP-DD form factor powered by Infinera’s ICE-X technology and coupled with the power of open optical networking principles applied in Arelion’s live network.”

Tologlu added: “We were happy to demonstrate the real-world potential of Infinera’s new coherent pluggable technology when implemented through Arelion’s open and disaggregated network architecture.”

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