Bermuda’s new mobile operator to operate from the clouds

Bermuda’s new mobile operator to operate from the clouds

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The island of Bermuda is to get a new mobile competitor, that will be fully cloud-based.

Paradise Mobile, which will be competing with Digicel and One Communications, will be offering 4G and 5G from its new network.

Sam Tabbara (pictured), co-founder and CEO, said: “We look forward to bringing cutting-edge technology and experiences, real consumer choice, and competition when we launch in Bermuda in 2023.”

The company will be using network software from Mavenir, it announced. Last September Mavenir, which is funded by the climate-change and 2020 election denying Koch family in the US, said it is working with Google Cloud to make available cloud-native 5G solutions.

Tabbara, who co-founded Paradise Mobile in 2019, said: “The partnership between Paradise Mobile and Mavenir in Bermuda is the first announcement in a series of network modernizations planned across other islands.”

The owned of Paradise Mobile, according to Dun & Bradstreet, is Zlatko Zahirovic, who has worked for Bell Canada and Canada’s Freedom Mobile, the fourth largest operator in Canada. Zahirovic was wireless network connectivity manager at Bell Canada.

Paradise Mobile, which has not yet launched its services, said it is “modernising services and bringing new technological solutions to Bermuda for an overall improved subscriber experience”.

Mavenir said its technology will “take the island to the latest and most advanced standards, improving both bandwidth and latency for users, and enabling a multitude of new products and services, addressing some of the biggest service challenges for the island”.

The Paradise Mobile network will have containerized, open, interoperable components and O-RAN based radios. Mavenir said it will supply a complete end-to-end network, including system integration.

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