Neterra boosts capacity of Sofia’s metro fibre network

Neterra boosts capacity of Sofia’s metro fibre network


Neterra has increased the capacity of its new metro fibre network in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria.

Neterra announced the network in November 2022, saying at the time that it covers the entire capital (pictured), including business centres, central streets, and boulevards.

The company, which is based in Sofia, said the extra passive optical network (PON) technology will allow it to connect business customers even faster, keeping its high quality and guaranteed speed of the service.

“For Neterra’s customers, this means having an efficient and reliable network that can scale offered capacity on demand,” said the company, adding: “It also guarantees the quality of service offering top-class service level agreements.”

It added: “Neterra customers will acquire a guaranteed full capacity of the service thanks to the PON technology, which divides and optimises the capacity of the connection depending on the customer’s needs. This allows Neterra to serve growing and expanding businesses with a more flexible service.”

The company owns and manages four data centres and has its own global network with over 200 points of presence in more than 65 countries.

It launched its second Sofia data centre last year. Founder and CEO Neven Dilkov said at the time: “Neterra’s new data centre is an important link in the critical infrastructure of Bulgaria and south-east Europe. “This is one of the places where the networks of western telecom operators connect to the Middle East and Asia. Neterra’s importance in this chain of security has always been highly valued.”

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