NTT deploys fist LIC and DCLC data centre tech in India

NTT deploys fist LIC and DCLC data centre tech in India

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NTT Ltd has become the first to deploy Liquid Immersion Cooling (LIC) and Direct Contact Liquid Cooling (DCLC) data centre technologies in India.

The company recently marked its first-such deployment and APAC’s largest, at its Navi Mumbai Data Center. Part of its Mahape campus, the facility has a capacity of 4.8MW spanning a 13,740 square foot area. The campus has a total design capacity for up to four data centres, delivering up to 150MW of IT load.

“At NTT, we are guided by the principle of universal wellness, a people-first approach for our own personnel, the communities we operate in, and the overall global environment. The deployment of green data centre technologies as demonstrated by this facility is going to be a tremendous validation for alternative cooling technologies," said Sharad Sanghi, managing director of NTT Ltd, India and acting senior executive vice president of data centre and marine cable, NTT Ltd.

"As India’s largest data centre operator, we recognize the impact that DCLC and LIC cooling can have in significantly reducing the power consumption in future data centres. By successfully integrating these advanced processes, we have taken another step in building a connected future in a sustainable and responsible manner on a global scale.”

The deployment was the result of a collaboration between the client, PhonePe, and partners including Sudlows and Dell. Reportedly, the teams developed multiple solutions to overcome numerous design and engineering challenges, transforming a conventionally cooled data centre to one cooled by LIC and DCLC technologies. As a result of this change, the teams have improved the overall energy efficiency for the facility by almost 30%.

In related news, earlier this month NTT Data announced a partnership with Aviatrix, an intelligent cloud networking company, to deploy the Aviatrix Cloud Networking Platform.

NTT Data Business Solutions is to use Aviatrix to deliver business-critical SAP application services for customers.

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