EdgeConneX makes second hire in a week

EdgeConneX makes second hire in a week

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EdgeConneX has appointed Brian Green as its new executive vice president of operations, engineering and project management.

The appointment is the second in a matter of weeks, following the appointment of Don Macneil as the company’s chief revenue officer.

“Don and Brian have held some of the most demanding posts within our industry and the military and have demonstrated success everywhere they’ve served,” said Randy Brouckman, co-founder and CEO at EdgeConneX.

“The new hires are a testimony to our customer-focused ethos and we’re honoured to have them as part of our leadership team that are building a premier, sustainable global data centre platform which serves some of the largest cloud, content and network service providers in the world.”

Green has been responsible for the operations of Visa’s global data centres for the better part of a decade.

In this role, he has led major retrofit projects, including multi megawatt UPS capacity upgrades and excavation projects as well as rolling out new deployments in production environments without impact.

His responsibilities at EdgeConneX will involve managing the operations of the company’s global data centre operations in the most sustainable way possible and leading the engineering and data centre project management teams.

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