Private 5G operator picks atNorth data centre for Sweden

Private 5G operator picks atNorth data centre for Sweden

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Proptivity, a company that builds and operates private 4G and 5G networks, is to use atNorth’s data centres for its services.

Reykjavik-based atNorth will use its data centre at Kista, in the suburbs of Stockholm, to deliver high performance indoor 5G networks in Sweden.

Duke Aschan (pictured), sales director of atNorth, said: “Proptivity not only enables a best-in-class telco-grade service that delivers gigabit performance, low latency, high reliability and security, but the company is forging a path to a more sustainable future for mobile indoor networks.”

Proptivity offers multi-operator gigabit 5G networks to real estate owners in Nordics and Baltics. All operators in the Swedish market are connected to the same network to ensure that mobile users, regardless of their operator, have access to the best high performance indoor 5G services – what Proptivity calls gigabit 5G.

“Owners of commercial real estate want to be able to deliver the best possible digital infrastructure and 5G is considered a critical part of this” said Mikael Lundman, Proptivity CEO. “Gigabit 5G capabilities in the building will enable a digital innovation platform that will offer opportunities like energy optimization, security, and workplace efficiency for the building facilities and tenants.”

He added: “atNorth’s commitment to sustainability, including its focus on implementing initiatives like heat recovery to contribute to the circular economy, was essential for our selection of atNorth. Its ability to reuse generated heat for Stockholm residents as well as its innovative use of northern hemisphere air to cool down their facility has proven to create great energy savings as compared to traditional centres is also an extremely important factor for us.”

Two weeks ago atNorth – formerly Advania – said it is building an IP network to enable its expansion in Iceland and other Nordic markets. The company has chosen Nokia to supply the hardware for the core switching data centre leaf platforms.

Aschan said: “Property owners and tenants need secure and fast connectivity indoors, especially with data consumption growing at an explosive rate.”

He added: “Sustainable IT is at the heart of our business, and we are very excited to support Proptivity to provide high-performance coverage with a secure, always-on connection. Environmental sustainability begins at the base, and Proptivity capitalises on our high-performance, energy efficiency, and sustainable colocation infrastructure.”

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