MTN Zambia launches first 5G pilot service

MTN Zambia launches first 5G pilot service

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MTN Zambia has launched its first 5G network pilot platform in the country, promising faster connectivity speed, ultra-low latency and greater bandwidth.

The operator says that as 5G networks are at least 10 times faster than 4G, this will create “never-before-seen opportunities for people and businesses” in Zambia.

“5G technology can connect virtually everyone and everything, including machines, objects, and devices. We are moving into an era of ubiquitous connectivity,” said Bart Hofker, CEO of MTN Zambia.

“MTN Zambia will be rolling out 5G pilot demonstration sites in Lusaka and Copperbelt Provinces and we are eager to set up specific and relevant use cases together with our Zambian customers and partners to expand social and commercial horizons, alongside the rest of the world.”

Once the network is rolled out and more 5G devices are widely available, it will help to increase general internet access in Zambia, where fixed broadband penetration remains low.

MTN Zambia says it remains committed to investing in its current network coverage and bringing communication opportunities to Zambians that have been left out of the telecommunications revolution.

The company also recently set up a trade association to lobby the government on behalf of the government.

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