Infobip integrates with ServiceNow for enhanced messaging    

Infobip integrates with ServiceNow for enhanced messaging    

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Infobip confirms its integration with ServiceNow to deliver enhanced messaging capabilities for ServiceNow customers.

The integration into the ServiceNow Store gives users two-way messaging for customer support which leads to faster response times, consistent messaging and increased customer experience.

Specifically, ServiceNow customers can access Infobip’s omnichannel communications platform which enables businesses to deliver one-to-one conversational customer and employee service and support using their preferred channels, including SMS and WhatsApp.

“Creating connected customer experiences is at the heart of what Infobip does. By leveraging the world's most connected communications platform, we help partners and their clients unlock new revenue streams and drive loyalty and ultimately growth," said Veselin Vuković, vice president of strategic partnerships at Infobip.

"Our integration in the ServiceNow Store extends our commitment to the ServiceNow community and enables customers to reap the benefits of rich, conversational channels.”

As a result of conversational messaging, previous Infobip clients have been able to reduce contact centre costs ten-fold while increasing net promoter scores by nearly 20%, while others have been able to scale quickly and speed-up sales by almost 6x.

The integration also helps extend the reach of Infobip’s omnichannel communications platform which gives ServiceNow customers access to Infobip’s more than 700 direct carriers globally along with a wide range of channels.

Accessed through a single platform, Infobip’s delivers omnichannel engagement, identity, user authentication, security, and contact centre solutions.

Earlier this year, Infobip closed the purchase of global VoIP provider, Peerless Network, following federal and state level regulatory approvals. Through the transaction, Infobip’s customers can now access the US market through Peerless Network, whose national voice network covers 98% of Americans across 49 states.

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